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Portrait Photography by Charlotte Booth

Portrait Photography

I have found people photograph best when they are relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings so thats why I mainly shoot on location.    
 A park, a garden,in the comfort of your own home or somewhere that is meaningful to you.    
Think of it as a family day out! Portrait shoots can last between 1-2 hours. Breaks can be taken when neccesary to ensure everyone is comfortable.    



Baby's First year


My most popular package is a visual documentation of you little ones first mile stones. This is three shoots for the price of one. 


First shoot when your baby is between 1 and 4 months, second when they are sitting up strongly, and third around their first birthday. 



Cake Smash


Cake smash sessions can last from 40 mins to two hours depending on whether they are little piggies or have early developed table manners!
Backdrops/props can be catered for to suit your colourscheme and/or theme choice. Just mention when booking and I will do my best to find sething that     
suits your needs.
All in all it makes for a fun shoot for parents and baby, with a fab set of images that families will love!
Cake smash sessions include the cake and decor and 20 digital images
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